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Why Children Need Monitoring While Surfing Internet?

Computers have taken an important role in our children’s lives. The role is increasing day by day with the advancement in technology. They have proved a good companion of these children especially in western countries where parents don’t get to spend most of the time with their children. Technology has certainly made lives easier for people.

However, without monitoring the internet usage of these children, they can easily fall in various traps. They can stumble upon various hazardous material that they shouldn’t be seeing in that tender age. This can create various problems for these children. It can disrupt their student life and can create various psychological problems.

Researcher have conducted various such students that document various problems that high exposure to media can create for children. They caution parents against leaving their children unmonitored while surfing the internet and or watching television. According to a study more than two-thirds of 8-year-old children go online each day. While this study was targeted at Western audiences, but still if such high number of children were left freely to surf on internet then it could lead to a lot of problems.

Such children might find it hard to separate facts from fictions. Anyone can publish anything on the internet and without proper monitoring, children might consider everything on internet to be a fact. Similarly, children are tempted to plagiarize content off of internet for their school assignments. Hence, while internet is a great resource of information for children, leaving them unmonitored can be dangerous for them.

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