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What to Expect From Theresa May as UK Prime Minister

Theresa May, new Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters
Theresa May, new Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

Theresa May, Britain’s current home secretary is set to become the UK’s next prime minister after Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the contest to become Conservative Party leader. She is among those politicians who backed staying in the EU. But she has made it clear on Monday that she will make Brexit a success.

She also negated the possibility of a second referendum. She is expected to give some of the prominent positions in her cabinet to “leave” campaigners.

Like her predecessor, Mrs. May is not in favour of free movement of people from European countries. As home secretary she introduced restrictions on family migrants and allows only those people to bring their families to UK who earns more than £18,600.

Hence, as Prime Minister she is expected to continue her policies and may impose even stern restrictions.

Mrs. May has in the past worked for bank of England and where she later became head of the European Affairs Unit of the Association for Payment Clearing Services. Keeping in view her experience in the field, she might bring in some banking reforms and stabilization of pound sterling in near future.

May is a strong advocate of women participation in all walks of life. She has remained a prominent advocate of positive action to recruit more women Tories to winnable seats. In her premiership, some women members of her party may rise to positions of prominence. Also some female members are expected to be in her cabinet.

Her stance on war against terrorism is similar or probably tougher than David Cameron. As home secretary, she revoked British citizenship of Iraqi-born terror suspect Al Jedda’s for a second time, making him the first person to be stripped twice of British citizenship. She also asked for banning radical preachers from posting online and barring of those to work with children, who have extremist viewpoints. So under her premiership, the world may see even a stronger stance from UK in war against terror.

As home secretary Mrs. May made several efforts to reform police. She remained a strong critic of corruption in the police department and asked for changes in police enrollment procedures. With her being as PM, she is likely to materialize these plans for reforms.

Theresa May is a staunch opponent of all forms of drugs and related products. She banned Khat, against the advice of Advisory council of misuse of drugs. So in future, Britons may see strict policies regarding all forms of drugs. Legalization of Marijuana seems a distant possibility in UK under her premiership.

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