The instagram revolution – Multiple Account Support

With millennials currently taking over the world the mediasphere surrounding digital marketing has completely changed its face over the past five years.

We’re living in a time where people are empowered to share their voice, their stories and to take part in decisions that affect lives all over the world. Popular hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #JeSuisParis have changed how the world shows support during troubled times uniting people in pain over the websphere. In this exciting dawn of the digital age story telling with photography and visual art has taken obtained a massive and incredible platform: Instagram.

People connect from all over the world sharing their experiences, photos, stories and art to create a scrapbook of their life all accessible online for everyone to see. There is a huge sense of liberation in putting your life out for everyone to see and to display the joys in your life creatively.

In Februrary 2016, Instagram released a groundbreaking yet simple addition to their platform: multiple account support. Instagram until now has been every social media manager’s nightmare when it comes to switching accounts. Whether it was just between your own personal account and your business account, or between several accounts you manage for clients, Instagram is far from being user-friendly in that respect: you have to log off, and login over and over again to go from one account to another.

Instagram hit 300 million users in 2014 and has shown no signs of slowing down. This highly engaging visual media powerhouse has evolved marketing combining technology with creativity ushering in a new era of sustainable and paper free ad campaigns. Instagram creates huge traffic per post with the top accounts garnering over a million likes per post and a net of over 50 million followers. Those numbers are hard to beat and Instagram has jettisoned to the top when it comes to brand promotion and engagement.

It has thus become vital for brands to promote using Instagram, to create their own character and voice for the world to see. Brand promoters need to use Instagram to promote their brands on their personal accounts in a stylistic and individual way thus covering larger niches of audiences to spread brand awareness. Cross promotion is crucial on Instagram because the multi-million dollar platform aims to promote one big creative family.

Marketing campaigns are designed to support niches in a healthy way, so jumping on large trends may work in your favour in the long run, building your Instagram niche is important and brands must not be afraid to collaborate with other brands that have similar target audiences to widen their outreach.

Now that you are armed with our social media ammunition, set forth and micromanage your accounts efficiently! Enjoy spreading love and support in the websphere, grasshopper.

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