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The Contagious Happy Effect of a Smile

Smile is the purest expression of happiness. It has the ability to regulate one’s blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system. It can also lower the risk of cancer, and according to a study, increase life by seven years.

Good right? Well, even more good news is that a smile does not cost anything. However unfortunately, people don’t smile much. An average adult smiles only 20 times a day. If we compare this to infants or toddlers, then you could be astonished to know that they smile up to 400 times a day.

Smile has the ability to make one appear more confident. Not just this, a research conducted on smile showed that those who smile more are more likely to be promoted at jobs. Smiling more often conveys one’s positive outlook.

When we smile it sends a message to our mind of positivity. In return, our mind works its way through lowering the factors causing depression, anxiety and stress. The result of this is that people tend stay more happy. They are more likely to make new friends than the ones who don’t smile more often.

Smiling is contagious. When you smile at someone, it psychologically forces them to smile back at you. It’s a friendly sign. Just a simple smile can make someone’s day. So why not start smiling? One can lose nothing by smiling more often. So Smile!

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