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The African American and Minority vote in the 2016 Presidential Race

The Presidential primaries now shift to South Carolina. There is a certain question that surrounds Senator Bernie Sanders. Can he win African American voters? The reason this question is being asked is because Senator Sanders has won states with a high concentration of white voters. One of the next states is South Carolina.

South Carolina has 65% African American voters. African Americans have loved the Clintons over the years would call Bill Clinton as country’s first African American President.

Senator Sanders went to Harlem in NYC to eat soul food and talk to Al Sharpton.

The Republican side does have an African American candidate in Doctor Ben Carson. However, the majority of African American voters are supporting Democrats. The historical roots of black Democrat support can be traced back to the 1960s when Democrat Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts.

On the other hand, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has drawn fire for his comments about Latinos. Trump said that Mexico was not sending their best. He said they were sending drugs and rapists. Trump received immediate controversy over his statements. There were several calls for him to resign. However, he stuck in the race.

A key issue on the Democratic side is the idea of police brutality. Senator Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been courting African Americans on this issue. They make the point that someone should not be gunned down due to their race. The Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin killings have stirred up the minority community to advocate for police reform. This is why it is a hot issue.

Time will tell how voters react to the presidential candidates. Time will tell how minority voters react to the different appeals. Time will tell how minority voters vote for the respective presidential candidates. The Nevada and South Carolina votes will reveal a lot on this topic.

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