So Much to Do So Little Time

Time is running out

The quote “so much to do so little time” can be the best reflection of one’s life. A person has countless demands and interests that he wants fulfilled but they cannot be, as there is not much time.

There is a fact about human beings. It is that an average person’s demands are so high that they can never be satisfied in this world.

One grows up seeing people having various kinds of possessions he does not have, and he starts to long for them too. Cravings! They never end! But time does.

Even when the holidays arrive, one makes so many plans. He has to visit many places as well as meet so many people. He has to buy a lot of stuff. He has to fulfill all his pleasures.

But when he looks at the calendar, he gets worried. Because the holidays are about to end, yet he has not achieved even 50% of his goals.

Even though, it’s a busy world out there and people blame the fast pacing civilization, but the real problem lies within us.

We should not desire for each and everything that we see with others and instead, be thankful for what we already have. Many people do not have even a fraction of what we have.

Sure, everyone’s time will end one day but what if we organized it properly? We can always systematically categorize our important and less important things so that in less time more of our work is done. Because as they say, it is quality and not quantity that matters, isn’t it?

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