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Israel is killing Palestine and Muslim disunity is helping Tel Aviv

An Israeli soldier arresting a n 11-year-old Palestinian boy.

The inhuman use of force by Israeli forces on Palestinians continue to claimed lives every other day. On top of this, the US antagonistic embassy move to Jerusalem has left the Muslim world in agony.

Israel’s atrocities and oppression in the occupied holy land is not a new phenomenon. However, Muslims reaction to the recent battering on Palestinians and US move is somehow ambiguous. Many were against it while some did little to show their support and remained largely indifferent.

This sorry situation added more insult to injuries. Not only it left a question mark on Muslim unity but also whether the world has left the Palestinian alone to be butchered by the Israeli occupation army.

Although, the world made some token hue and cry, when the US announced to shift its Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, soon it looked like they were ready to accept this change.

Ironically, Muslims reaction about the move was no exception; OIC meeting was convened, they criticized the move and then no one took any serious initiative about it.

Is it enough to simply make do with criticizing the move and leave the Palestinian people to suffer more at the hands of Israel? Where does the two-state solution stand after this move? After all it was the US that backed this proposal for so many years and now it was the US itself disregarding all its past promises and sealing the way for Israel to annex all territories as it is practically doing with its continued expansion of Jewish settlement on Palestinian lands.

On the Muslim side, sadly, the sectarian hate has engulfed every country and the Ummah stands divided. Instead of fighting together for Palestinians’ legal rights, they are continuously adopting the policy of creating strife and riot to get their sectarian gains while letting the other down.

This sectarian divide was clearly visible when voting was done in UNSC for the US embassy move. We witnessed the guardians of religion and so-called Muslim world leaders, abstain from this crucial voting in UNSC, virtually giving US and Israel a free hand to do what the pleased.

This sectarian divide has become so intense that we have no feeling and care for Muslims but for Shias and Sunnis. Muslim leaders must think beyond sectarianism and get united. Only in unity can we exert enough power to have our say heard.

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