Imran Khan says won’t say anything derogatory against Ayesha Gulalai

In his first public remark on Ayesha Gulalai’s allegations, Imran Khan said he would not say anything derogatory against her. “After all, she is a woman, and I don’t want to say anything against her”, he said.

Imran Khan also refused to answer the question when he was asked if Ms. Gulalai had offered him to marry her. “I really don’t want to discuss this”, he replied.

Imran Khan said he was shocked when he heard about the sudden onslaught of Gulalai. He said just a day earlier she had met him along with her delegation to discuss PK 01, a constituency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and related issues.

“I don’t know what happened suddenly that she started talking like that”, he wondered.

Imran Khan said he believed Ayesha had a lot of potential. “I am really sad that Ayesha has been used in this dirty game”, he said.

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