HEC confirmed 54 members as having fake degrees

HEC provided a list of 54 confirmed fake degree holders.
HEC provided a list of 54 confirmed fake degree holders.

Pakistan Higher Education Commission has declared 54 members as having fake degrees. This 54 member list includes members from both national and provincial assemblies. HEC has sent the list of these fake degree holders to election commission.

It should be noted that in addition to these 54 confirmed fake degree holders, 189 more members’ Matric or Fsc certificates could not be attested. HEC has asked election commission’s view about the fate of these members. ECP was asked for directions to be given as to what should be done to these 189 members. They either have misplaced their Matric or Fsc certificates or there is no record of it at all.

All in all, we have now atleast 54 confirmed fake degree holders who occupied their national and provincial assembly seats by deceiving us all. We can safely assume that they open-handedly plundered the country’s resources during these five years. Because if a person can lie under oath, they can do almost anything we can imagine. It is now ECP duty to ensure that atleast no one from these 54 confirmed fakers get into the electoral process again.

However, even if they did come, as responsible citizens, it is our duty to never vote for them again. We have the power to vote, lets not waste our power by giving our votes these type of immoral people.

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