Enjoying the Little Things in Life

I believe in enjoying the little things life throws at me. These things can be as simple as your friend slipping on ice, watching an epic movie like Avatar, or eating some sort of delectable dessert in footed pajamas while watching a movie. Moments like these happen so quickly and without any build up. Every time they catch me off guard and makes me appreciate life. However small they may be, I learn to enjoy them and have a good laugh.

I believe, it’s enjoying these so-called irrelevant experiences, that keep us sane. It scares me watching people just let life pass them by. So, when something inconsequential happens, I make the most of it, laugh until I can’t breathe, make a joke about it, anything to frolic over what just happened.

Life comes and goes with each passing day. Why? Well because it does, that’s how it works. So who am I to question it, why should I? Instead of wasting time about that, why not I make the best of it while I’m here and breathing.

About five months ago I was in a car accident. Police and the rescue guys said I was lucky to have walked out alive. A week or so after the accident, I could finally remember and replay the unpleasant event in my head.

I had just dropped one of my friends at her home and headed back to meet other friends. The street lights reflected off of the wet street and severely impacted the visibility. It was a silent night with no one in sight. As I turned at last street just before my destination, my steering wheel began to shake. Before I could react my head jerked and slammed into my window.

My car continued to swerve at 45 miles per hour, and as I finally regained my consciousness, there I was. My eyes widened, dilating at least three times bigger than its normal size, and all I could think to myself was oh crap. Smacking my face on the steering wheel, I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was weary of what just happened.

All I knew was I now was bleeding from my nose, my body ached with burns from the airbag and seat belt, and my head felt like someone had just hit me with a shovel. Smoke was pouring from the hood of my car, and all I could hear was an endless, annoying horn that echoed through the empty streets.

Since then, I’ve realized life can be taken away from at any given moment, even when we least expect it. So why waste any time not having fun or not laughing over your friend’s face being stuck in the snow? There is no reason, for me at least, so I go out each day, awaiting a laugh or a mistake to joke about.

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