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Did Pakistan release IAF Pilot Abhinandan due to Indian pressure?

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to release captured IAF pilot Abhinandan in a unilateral bid to de-escalated Indo-Pakistan tensions has earned him world-wide praise. The decision is being termed as the biggest victory of Imran Khan and a much needed effort towards peace in the region.

However, some a segment of Indian Media has termed this good-will gesture as fear of Indian pressure.

If anything, such people show their minds are in-capable of employing simple logic. If India is so dominating that it can pressurize Pakistan into release its captured pilot, then why is she failing in having Commander Kulbushan Jadav released? Why is he languishing in a Pakistani jail for the last three years? Why India had to approach World Court for this purpose?

It is this warmongering that has pitched two nuclear nations against each other. It is this false bravado that has resulted in downing of two IAF jets. It is this “Ghus ke marengay” mentality that Abhinandan is “enjoying” tea in Pakistan’s captivity.

Indian media has played a highly negative role in flaring up tensions between India and Pakistan. In order to gain more TRPs, each channel seems to have setup a War Room in its studios where fiery hosts sell war.

What they fail to understand that war is not a game of TRPs and it is not fought inside news studios. Wars are fought by soldiers who are someone’s siblings, someone’s sons, someone’s parents. It is the ordinary people of any warring nations who suffer the most.

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