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Adventure on the weekend: Parasailing in Haripur


Parasailing in Haripur. VoJ News Photo/Maham Shah

I am not a big fan of summers but the one thing I do like about it is the adventures that follows with it as it’s the season of sports and trips. The degree this year has increased by an inch and yes it is pretty hot for even a simple walk on the streets. After spending quite a lot of time at home and office after Ramadan at last I got a chance to get down to my usual stuff: going on an adventure.

The timings were pretty convenient, I was already quite bored being at home and reading books every single weekend. While surfing the internet, I found this awesome offer of parasailing in Haripur.  Perfect opportunity.

However, now comes the tough part. Going to Haripur by myself was not an issue, the main problem was that I didn’t know jack about the whereabouts of the location where we were supposed to go parasailing. I was a little confused at first and I didn’t know what to do, but then I found a friend who was willing to go all the way to Darwaza Dam in Haripur, that too in this scorching heat. It is indeed true, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

We reached the site by 12:30. The area was honestly very pretty and I would actually love to go there again when it’s not this hot. Then started the fun part, Parasailing!

However, two seriously huge men were supposed to go first which was surprising and I was kind of impressed the boat can carry someone so healthy (if you know what I mean).

Darwaza Dam, was exceptionally beautiful. Looking at the horizon, the water was so clear you would almost get the mirage of water mixing into the sky as they were of the same color. The area around Dam is not really inhabited so that actually makes it more serene, almost gives you a feeling of a breezy summer day on a beach.

Darwaza Dam at Haripur. VoJ News Photo/Maham Shah

It’s a perfect spot for picnic or boating. Also, unlike Khanpur, Darwaza dam is not very crowded, in fact not crowded at all. The area around it is plain and green which also adds up to the beauty of the dam.

Darwaza Dam in Haripur. VoJ News Photo/Maham Shah

And yes then came my turn. I would be honest here; I was scared to death especially when they told me that I was going to end up in water when the boat stops at the end and it could be dangerous. Naturally, I had to be nervous. First I had to run on the ground in order to take a flight. I almost felt like being a small plane on an airport runway. The only difference was that I started flying immediately, yes only five seconds, and I was as already in the air.

At one point I thought I was going to hit the ground even before reaching water and end up hurting myself; however, the staff was really good and made sure I take flight. They accompanied the small “Boeing” on the runway all the way to the end.

And right after I realized I was in the air, honestly it was the best feeling ever. Usually in paragliding and other gliding sports, you are dependent on your skills, but in parasailing the best part is that you are attached to a boat and a parachute. You don’t have to manage anything with your hands. You are flying in the air to thoroughly enjoy yourself, make videos and take pictures. Yes even the faint-hearted can go on a parasailing ride without the usual fear.

After being in the air for like 10 seconds, I saw the most beautiful view while the adrenaline rushed into my body making it far more exciting. “Everything the light touches” (***mufasa voice***) is covered in white folds of sun rays. It was like everything was shining. For the first few seconds I couldn’t make out any shapes, it was like flying into clouds like they show in cartoons with everything painted white. But perhaps that’s the best part of it.

We were given Go Pro cameras to make selfie videos of ourselves while we were almost “flying” (LOL) and special instructions to land safely. The landing was unexpectedly the best part. After being in the air for 3:00 minutes, the speed boat came to a halt. I thought the fall would be fast and dangerous; however, it wasn’t the case. I almost felt like I was dancing in the air. Yes, the parachute was keeping the speed very slow and honestly those few seconds were the best where you end up in water with a light thump.

Thanks to my immature swimming skills, I kept myself floating on the surface and soon the team on the speed boat came after me and pulled me up to the boat like a suitcase because I refused to move myself as I was enjoying myself in the water. But yes, I made it to the boat and I was safe and sound without a single scratch or getting drowned in the water.

At the end, no doubt, it was one of the best experience of my life (as I am in to any kind of flying all the time) so far. “Shaheen Adventure Club” was the organizer. The staff was very cooperative and professional. The Go Pro camera availability was a nice initiative because now I will always have the video of three-minute memorable experience saved with, something I can show my grandkids in future to let them know what a BADASS grandma they had.

Honestly, I cannot wait for it again, as I will be following up with Shaheen Adventures on regular basis. The experience was definitely worth all the struggle of coming all the way to Haripur in this scorching heat.

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