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You don’t need that new Smartphone, Tablet or MacBook!

Smartphones do we really need them

The recent Apple Watch and Macbook event got us thinking about a quite a delicate issue when it comes to technology: When do we stop? And we don’t mean when do they stop, we mean when do ¨we¨ stop?

Not so long ago the simple fact of being able to talk to people on a wireless, portable phone was extraordinary, but nowadays we are drowning in new technologies that we probably don’t even need! Let’s be honest, we don’t “need” HD selfies, a slightly bigger or smaller screen, less or more buttons, and a million new GBs.

Of course it is nice to have so many ways to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones, and it is wonderful to have high-quality pictures anytime, anywhere, but do we ¨need¨ it so bad that we have to upgrade our smartphone every single time a new model comes out?

We spend hundreds of dollars on new gadgets that we usually don’t use to its full potential, but we hardly ever think about making a small donation to charity. Reality check: you constantly complain about how the governments of the world are doing a terrible job, and how unemployment, hunger, and poverty are constantly rising! Do you truly believe you help to fix any of those things by complaining and then going to the nearest store to get your brand new smartphone that you don’t really need since your current smartphone works absolutely fine? The answer is no.

Whenever you are facing the temptation to buy that brand new smartphone, think twice and ask yourself some very important questions:

  • Could I be saving for a better one?
  • How long will it be until the next great technology advance comes along?
  • Am I really going to use this new smartphone to its full potential?
  • Have I used my current smartphone to its full potential?
  • How much money have I spent in accessories and hardware for this current smartphone that won’t work with the new one?

We don’t mean to sound like we hate technology, we actually love it! But we also love being conscious human beings and letting others know that sometimes we need to take a second and reflect on what’s truly important. Being conscious buyers won’t only affect our pocket, but it will also encourage phone manufacturers to create better and more advanced technologies to earn our upgrades!

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