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World’s beautiful tourist destination on fault line

Did you know which of the world’s beautiful islands is on the fault line?

Kos island in Greece, the main center for tourists and famous for its long beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife is one of the most quake-prone places.

Kos hosts around 700,000 tourists, mainly British, during the summer season each year. Neighboring islands of Kos are Pserimos, 4 km North,  Kalimnos, 12 km North, Nysiros, 12 km South, Astypalaia, about 43 km to the West.

On July 21st, 2017, a powerful overnight earthquake of 6.7 magnitude shook several Greek islands and Turkey’s Aegean coast, injuring more than 300 people and leaving two people dead on the Kos island. The two revelers at a bar were crushed in a building collapse.

Earthquakes in the region are not uncommon. Intersecting fault lines make Greece, Turkey and islands in the Aegean sea one of the most quake-prone regions in the world.

There is significant movement in the Eurasian and African plates. There is a smaller plate between these two larger ones called the Aegean Plate, adding to the risk of both earthquakes and volcanoes.

Here’s a timeline of recent earthquakes in Greece and Turkey.

12th June 2017: 15 people injured and significant damage in 6.3 magnitude earthquake on island of Lesbos

17th November 2016: 6.5 magnitude quake on island of Lefkada

24th May 2014: 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Limnos

1st July 2009: 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Crete

15th July 2008: 6.4 magnitude earthquake in the Dodecanese region

8th June 2008: 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Peloponnese region

8th January 2006: 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Kythira

7th September 1999: 6.0 magnitude earthquake in Athens

15th June 1995: 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Aigio

13th May 1995: 25 people injured and significant damage after 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit western Macedonia.

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