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WiFi-Network Unavailable!

WiFi Not Available

Yes, you just read it right. Your eyes did not deceive you. The topic of my article really does NOT have any open WiFi network available. This must seem very strange to you because now-a-days there is hardly a place where a WiFi connection is not available. And, I know the question must have popped up in your mind that ‘why this article is named the opposite then?’

Well, let me tell you, this is to make the WiFi-addicted people realize that a ‘No WiFi Zone’ can also be entertaining. Ok, maybe you’ll not be able to see the incessant statuses and check-ins or the latest selfies of your friends. You’ll also not be able to know what is going on with millions of people’s lives, neither will you be able to download those unlimited number of pictures, videos or audios people have been sharing on those Whatsapp groups.

But then who says getting swamped with so such meaningless information is fun? Not getting overwhelmed with such meaningless statuses and instead enjoying quality time with your REAL friends in a REAL world can be a lot more fun.

In short, this article does not let you socialize with the whole world just sitting on your couch.

And hey! instead of whining about a WiFi connection not being available and not being able to talk to people through a virtual world, why not just look around and talk to people who are actually present near you. Trust me, you will see that these people are exactly similar to the ones you communicate with on Facebook. The only difference being that they are more close to you, would better understand your problems and comfort you in a better way.

What problems you say? Well, I am talking about the problems that you just updated as your Facebook status and were waiting for random people to comment there to get some comfort.

I don’t know whether Einstein said it or not but whoever he was, he sure was not any less of an Einstein when he said, “I fear the day when technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. We sure are a generation of Socrates on facebook and idiots in the real world.

I just fail to understand why whenever two people are together they feel an immediate urge to ask for the WiFi password of the restaurant to update their Facebook status and let the whole world know? I mean why not actually enjoy that moment and maybe update the status later if you really have to?

I am really glad that my childhood was filled with playing with my real friends rather than poking them on Facebook or sending them invites or gifts over the internet. I didn’t grow up in such a virtual world and I would rather continue not living in such a fake world.

Anyway, I just wanted you guys to realize that there is a whole REAL and FUN world around you which does not require a WiFi connection. Do take out your precious time for that too sometimes.

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