Why Youngsters Get More Influenced By Celebrities?

Young Girls Screaming in Joy

If you repeat something enough of times even if it is wrong, people will ultimately start believing you. That is what I’ve always heard. But I personally believe that it doesn’t matter what has been said. What really matters is ‘Who said it!’. But what has been said, does it really influence everyone? Can some famous entertainer or athlete have this much influence on people? I believe that the opinions of celebrities are more important to younger people than they are to older people.

I’ve always loved football and was watching a football match analysis the other day. One of the famous players Steven Gerrard was talking about his former football club, Liverpool. My younger brother who is a Liverpool fan, was going crazy with excitement. I started wondering is it only him, or each football fan across the globe gets this much crazy whenever their favorite player talks on TV like this.

It’s true that people idolize celebrities but youngsters it seems are influenced more as compared to the older people. One of the reasons could be the age difference. Old people have gained so much experience throughout their life, they are realistic and they rarely get influenced by what celebrities or entertainers do or say.

In addition, they do not even have this much time as they are so busy in their jobs and daily life work. For example, a working person has to work for a greater part of the day and when he comes home, he would prefer having rest, taking care of his family and spending time with them rather than paying attention to entertainers.

Conversely, young people spend most of their free time watching their favorite TV shows and movies, so they are more likely to be influenced by those artists. For example, whenever I watch any of my favourite movie or TV show, I always end up learning something from it, or from the celebrity I idolize.

Action movies always have a huge impact on me. The stunts my favorite actors perform in those movies often times contradict reality and violate the laws of physics, but they influence me because that’s what I adore.

Summing up, celebrities play a huge influencing role especially on the younger lot. There is something to learn from every person that we meet or listen to. But the influence these celebrities and entertainers have on the minds and lives of youngsters is more as compared to the old people.

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