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Why Payoneer is best alternative of Paypal for Pakistani freelancers

The biggest hurdle that Pakistani freelancers have faced over the year is that of non-availability of Paypal’s services for Pakistanis. This impediment has caused huge losses to our freelancers. Huge potential clients could not be signed because they could only pay via paypal and paypal didn’t offer its service in Pakistan. The irony continue for years.

All that has changed with Payoneer though. This service has truly been a godsend for Pakistani freelancers, especially in recent couple of years when it started its instant with withdrawal service for Pakistan.

The best thing about Paypal is that it offers a variety of services to freelancers that makes life much easier. A freelancer can create a bank account in various countries and continents thought its Global Payment Service.

If a freelancer is dealing with foreign company, then s/he can easily give out his/her bank account detail of that specific region to that company and get paid easily.

Currently the Global Payment Services allows a freelancer to create accounts in USA, UK, EU, Australia, Canada, and Japan. That is about 95% of the countries where a freelancer can do business.

After receiving money into your account, comes the withdrawal part. A freelancer has the choice to get a Mastercard based debit card which can be used anywhere online or at ATMs in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

The second option is withdrawal directly to one’s bank account. This too is a straight forward option and usually takes a few minutes to an hour for your funds to be deposited into your local bank account.

Payoneer has truly been a life saver of Pakistani freelancers because it came at a time when they needed it the most.

To top it all, Payoneer is offering $25 for free to new freelancers if you sign up through this link. Go to

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