Transgender Rights: Why Should Life be so Hard for Them?

Heart aches when one thinks of Alisha’s murder. Is it that easy to kill an innocent person? Why people can’t think before taking a life? Are they God? Humanity within has died. After Alisha’s murder no one took a plunge to take some action against transgender inequality. The 25-year-old was the fifth reported case of violence against Transgenders in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa this year.

Transgender is a community that enjoys the least amount of respect in Pakistan. People don’t consider them as a part of their society. I often wonder why there is so much hatred in people’s heart for them. Aren’t they a part of us? If God created them this way then who are we to let them down. They are not transgender by choice.

They suffer extreme brutality throughout their life. When they are first identified by their families, they get rejected. Later on, they cannot get education like other kids which leaves them with little or no chance to get a respectable job. If they somehow get education and get a job, they find it extremely hard to work in the offices due to the unbearable behaviour of their fellow workers.

According to various reports, almost 2% of our population is transgender yet no one is ready to accept them as a part of our society. They are considered as a shame and disgrace in Pakistani culture.

There is no government support for them to help them live a normal life. In any case of criminal victimization, they get little or no help. The main example is Alisha who got shot 5 times. When taken to hospital, she didn’t receive proper medical attention.

Farzana Jan, the president of shemale association of KP beautifully put it when she said, “these people don’t laugh at us when they book us for their shows and family functions but they laugh at us when we, like any human being, are going through some trouble.

“They won’t let us treat our patients or even grieve for our dead at the hospital.

“I feel as if I am not a human being or even not from this world when I see such inhuman behavior of so-called Muslim people.”

We as a society should help each other and we need to realize that this is not a compulsory war that they must fight for their rights. They are human beings just like us and have equal right of getting education, jobs and a right to live a normal life.

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