There is nothing awesome about Shael’s new Kokaa song

Screengrab from Shael’s new song Kokaa.

I don’t get why Shael’s new Kokaa song is trending on twitter. How could some like this song? It has nothing special about it, expect for its video, which I would give 7 out of 10.

Other than that, it’s a plain old tune and similar arrangement of music has been like done to death throughout the history of Punjabi Music.

No Sir, you can’t just win our hearts by bending on your knee to propose to that girl at the end of the video. Everyone bends their knee. You have to come up with something original.

So, I just listened to the track for a second time hoping I’d find a something to go mad for, I but I didn’t find anything. Trust me, I am a music freak, I love music of all time. But come on, you can’t kill is with the same cliche over and over again.

So, as you all know, it’s my personal opinion, but I would give the song 4 out of 10. I gave it a 4 because it’s a nice song on its own if one wouldn’t factor into account its unoriginality.

Don’t @ me.


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