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The selfie syndrome

Selfie Syndrome

Everywhere you go, you are likely to observe people taking selfies. Chances are that you yourself might be one of them taking a selfie with a beautiful smile. Reporting to school/university/job, preparing notes, hanging out with friends, visiting a party till that anxious visage to go to sleep, there is a selfie for each moment.

However, did you know that excessive selfies is a recognized psychological disorder? Generally speaking, psychologists believe that people who feel solitary are the ones who take a lot of selfies. They take a lot of selfies and put them online in order to get admiration from others.

Such people see social media as a platform where they have a chance of fulfilling their suppressed desires to intermingle and be liked by the world.

What is more? The lower self-esteem, impulsiveness, and psychopathy are underlying personas that such people try to conceal using their selfies.

In addition to that, Machiavellianism and narcissism are also the gloomy traits of selfie kings and queens.

Having said all this, while not breaking up with moderation, it is but a fact that selfies are fun and one could document many happy moments through them.

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