The Pursuit of Satisfaction

The pursuit of satisfaction

“We find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve” (Maxwell Maltz)

Satisfaction lies in permitting others to live, not living others’ lives. Never try to clutch someone else’ share, always reproduce your own complexion and gore. People swallowed helpless and hopeless but still sobbed due to plea of their conscience. I have grasped and wiped those tears who were the reason of their own cause.

We slaughter others for the sake of our thoughts and ambiance. At times, we hunger to dictate on souls of our beloved ones. as well as hatred ones. We would appreciate people for looking good but we would never build their courage for being good and vice versa. We all are imprisoned in so-called boundaries to let satisfaction fill our heart and mind with glee of being affluent, treasured and illustrious.

Pin your ears back, hold your fire and stop breathing for a moment and essence all of your aptitudes just to brood over where actually this blessing of satisfaction lives? Is it twinkling of stars on sky or fragrance of soil after rain? All failed in outlining the path of satisfaction, but no one ever tried to get himself satisfied. What I learned is that it is a path of modesty between your life and others, between your emotions and others and between your respect and others.

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