The Legend of Padmavati

Our favourite couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are back together for another historical movie “Padmavati”, directed by Leela Bhansali. The movie is set to be released on 1st December 2017.

Ranveer and Deepika however are not a couple in this movie. Deepika is playing the role of Rani Padami and Shahid Kapoor as her husband Raja Rawal Ratan Singh. Ranveer on the other hand, will be seen as the villain king Allauddin Khilji of the Khilji dynasty.

The movie’s budget is around 1.6 billion inr and expected to make double the price after release; however, there are a few hurdles in the way. The SRKS organization (Shri Rajput Karni Sena), a Rajput caste organization founded in 2006, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, started a protest when there was a rumor that Leela Bhansali was trying to add romantic scenes between Khilji and Padami.

The organization is strictly against movies that show Hindu girls romancing with Muslim heroes, especially historical figures.

“Padmavati” is a story of the queen of Mewar Rani Padami and the second king of the Khilji dynasty, Allauddin Khilji. The story follows the invasion of Delhi’s Khilji ruler on Chatoor, Mewar, and falling in love with Rani Padami and the sacrifices and bravery of the Rajputian princesses. The movie has a lot of twists that will keep you stunned to your seat.

Not a big fan of Indian movies, however this movie did attract me due to the historical background of the story and how tragically it ended. The chemistry between Deepika and Ranvir is like putting hydrogen peroxide near a match stick. Yes it burns!

Ranvir Singh can be seen in his full glory, totally consuming himself in the role of Allauddin Khilji with a very rabid image. Deepika once again proves she is a long lost Rajputian princess owning the role like she did in Leela Ram and Baji Rao Mastani. Personally I cannot wait for this movie to be released as the trailer is already keeping me pinned to the screen.

Many however are wondering if Padamvati is a true story or just a fictional tale by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. Whatever the case may be, one thing is indeed real, a Khilji king did attack Chatoor, Sri Lanka and won in 13th century. Also, movies don’t have to follow any rules of right and wrong. They are just art and entertainment. I cant wait for this movie to hit the cinemas.

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