The Last Song

A story about family, first loves, second chances and the moments in life that lead you back home”.

The quote which attracts every reader and one becomes excited to know the core of the story. After reading the quote I got spellbound and could not resist without reading it and it’s a worth reading novel. It is basically a well-structured and organised novel. All the events and incidents are described beautifully that a reader would simply say ‘wow’ after reading it.

The story is about a girl named Veronica Miller whose parents got divorced due to some reason. She didn’t talk to her father for three years; she lost interest in making relationships because she always blamed her father for the situations she had faced in her life. She was so angry that she disserted the one thing that she and her father had a common share, playing a piano which was very emotional act in this novel, which might be considered as a spiritual bond between father and daughter. She became rebellious until she had to spend one summer with her father in North California. From this point her life changed totally.

She got to know the reality of life. Sometimes the lens we are using to see the world is totally different from the reality. Spending a summer with her father was most accurate and right decision. Her decision changed her life. Initially she was reluctant about everything. With the passage of time she got familiar with the reality and started realising her mistake.

It’s not easy to lose someone who is so close to you. The tragedy in this novel is heart breaking. But Nicholas Sparks wrote this novel with full sentiments. Nicholas Sparks’ novels are based on love, relationships or tragedy. The theme of love is basically important theme in the novel. The love of father and daughter was the main focus of the novel.

The other theme would be forgiveness. Initially she was reluctant to forgive anyone, she was angry at her father for leaving the family, she was angry with herself too. It could be analysed through the dialogue of her father ‘you need to learn to forgive yourself’. Nicholas is very descriptive about the surroundings as well as the characters in the novel. Nicholas Sparks would be considered as romanticist because he is very imaginative and his novels deal with different aspects of love.

Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn’t make you love them any less”.

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