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Stephen Paddock, a ‘lone wolf’ white terrorist

The killing of 59 innocent people in Las Vegas by Stephen Paddock, a white male, has reignited the issue of who gets to be called a terrorist. Again, reading the headlines of most of the western media houses gives us the impression that a white person can only be a lone-wolf or might have some mental issues if he ruthlessly kills dozens of innocent people.

The rule is simple, for the same or even less severe crime, a Muslim perpetrator is automatically termed a terrorist, unless proven otherwise. While for white males it is the other way around.

Stephen Paddock opened indiscriminate fire on a large crowd gathered for an outdoor festival in Las Vegas, killed 59 and injured 529 others, but he was instantly humanized in the mainstream media by terming him a country music lover. Despite committing the most deadliest mass shooting incident in American history, Mr. Paddock escapes the title of being called a terrorist, thanks to his white blood.



Witnesses described the massacre as “nonstop gunfire” as around 22,000 panicked crowd started to run to save their lives. A truly terrorizing and bone-chilling tale of terror. However, since no Muslim is involved, many are afraid of calling it an act of terrorism.

A total of 23 weapons were found in Paddock’s hotel room which included a handgun, around 20 rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. A federal law enforcement official stated that many rifles were used during the attack by Mr. Paddock. He did intend to cause maximum damage and kill as many has possible.

The need of the hour is that we call a spade a spade. A terrorist is a terrorist no matter what his religion or color. Stephen Paddock was a terrorist and he happened to be a christian of white color.


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