Sonu Song: the new social trend in India

Ajay Kshirsagar, the singer originally credited for composing the viral Sonu Song.

Who is Suno? That’s the first question we ask whenever we hear someone imitating the famous song “suno tuzo mazyavar bharosa nahi kay”.

The song has been around for quite a while and didn’t take much time turning into an internet cliché. The nonsensical yet catchy song has since been used to highlight many problems in India.

Various celebrities like RJ Malishka also came up with their own version to make a point about the potholes in India.

Everywhere in India, even commoners are using this song to vent their dissatisfaction about different issues.

The origin of the song is unknown but there are people who claim that the song was written and composed by Ajay Kshirsagar. He recorded a video of it and became an internet sensation over night.

The song is continually translated into various languages. Recently RJ Aniruddh Trivedi translated the song to Hindi and Gujrati.

Everyone in India is taking it as a challenge to be part of the trend of missing Suno. However, there are some who are quite fed-up of listening to the catchy yet annoying tone of the song, that many other love.

“Sonu Tuza Mazyavar Bharosa Nahi Kay’ translates to “Sonu, Don’t you Trust me”. The remaining verses of the song are changed according to the message a singer wants to convey. Many have used this song for highlighting problems in their society.

Radio City came up with a new version of Sonu Song to propose to Ranveer Singh and wish him a Happy Birthday. While the recorded version of six pack band is also pretty famous.

The song is taking over India as more youngsters are participating in singing the song in their own way to vent their own displeasure on various issues.

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