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Sharjeel Memon Gets Two Week Protective Bail on Two Million Bond

Sharjeel Memon who returned to Pakistan after more than two years of self-exile has received a two-week protective bail from the Islamabad High Court on two million PKR bond. The PPP leader faces corruption charges worth billions.

His council argued before court that all cases against his client were registered while he was outside of the country.

“I am thankful to the honorable court for providing me justice”, Mr. Memon said outside the court premises.

Memon was briefly detained upon his arrival at Islamabad airport. However, he was released two hours later after interrogation.

He lambasted federal government for unlawfully harassing him. “I wasn’t arrested, I was abducted by force”, he said of the incident at airport.

“I could easily have stayed abroad and enjoyed life.

“I came back to face all charges against me.

“I will face all these politically motivated charges and I am sure I will come out victorious”, said Memon.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah also criticized federal agencies for unlawfully detaining their party member. He threatened to oust all federal agencies from the province if they continued with their unlawful activities.

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