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Sanders and Trump win New Hampshire Primary

Bernie Sanders 60% Votes New Hampshire

Democratic Candidate for President Senator Bernie Sanders had a convincing win in the New Hampshire primary. Sanders received a commanding 60% and was followed far behind by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with 38.2% votes.

A key part of the Sanders coalition is young people. Sanders won 85% of voters under 30. Also, a large percentage of women support Bernie against Hillary Clinton.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump had a strong night as well. The business tycoon won New Hampshire with 35.3%. Trump won both conservatives and independents. Trump reminded his supporters that he will make America great again.

None of the Republican candidates could reach 40% with Donald Trump the only GOP candidate to surpass 20%. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders has become the only presidential candidate from either party to have cracked the 60% barrier.

Nevada and South Carolina are the next two on the horizon.

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