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RIP Pakistani Men’s Fashion Industry

Funny Pakistani model
A Pakistani model walks on the ramp.

Over the years, Pakistani fashion industry has emerged from its shell to a high-class position. However now, the industry is striving to equally match the likes of London, America, and Japan. This is where the problem starts!

For the past few years, new but weird changes have been observed in our industry’s fashion sense. Long gone are the days when only women would wear colourful and elegant dresses, now the male fashion trend has tried to reach the level of the woman.

There was a time when frocks, saris and lehengas only suited the girls, but these days we can see male models walking on the ramps wearing colourful saris. A few male models are seen in dupattas, well probably because their counterparts, the modern female models, do not want to wear them.

I think some women should learn modesty from these models. They try to cover themselves up so well that they wear blankets around themselves yet call it a scarf.

The other day, I saw the picture of a Pakistani male model walking on the ramp holding a cauldron spoon! I mean, hello! can you tell me what exactly are you trying to tell us? You were not going to cook something right there on the ramp, were you?

Not to mention the extravagant jewellery that our men are wearing these days which is a source of jealousy for the female generation. Oh and sometimes, the long necklaces and chains can serve as a substitute for shirts too. I mean, who needs to wear a shirt when you are already wearing chains, right?

One wonders, at which direction is our men’s fashion industry leading? Well, looking at the current trend, we can only say rest in peace to it.

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