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Reasons Why Overthinking Can Help You Change The World

Here’s why being an anxious person who overthinks every breath and side-glance will help you change the world.

  1. You naturally analyze every angle, a twitch in your boyfriend’s face may cause you to diagnose him with fatal muscular dystrophy, a new form of Tourette’s instead of the actual cause; a sleepless night, but you have thought of every way to remedy it before he even realizes it’s there. Next step – NASA research team.
  1. You have too much energy to give away hence your body is tuned to releasing it usually by some means of exercise. All of that nervous energy will give you a banging body. If Beyonce can redefine beauty standards for women all over the world, so can you.
  1. You have very high standards for everyone and everything. Sure, it’s tremendously annoying at times but you expect a lot of others because you give so much of yourself. It’s alright to care and push people sometimes, discovering potential is the best way to change the world and own your ruling empire.
  1. You have so much of mind-space it’s easier for you to accumulate information, overthinkers are great conversationalists, their mind is fast enough to use their current level of knowledge to become smarter. If you can talk yourself out of a sticky situation, maybe you can talk the world out of some of its sticky situations. UN, anyone?
  1. You always give the best gifts, because you overthink it to the point of no tomorrow. Someday you’ll give the perfect gift to a future millionaire: He/she will remember you and the said gift, and probably give you a company to run in return. Not a bad deal is it?

So there you go you’re changing humanity as we know it and you should be proud of it.

Go overthink that.

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