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PTI’s Sargodha Jalsa and the message of change

Sargodha Jalsa

Continuing with its streak of rallies against electoral fraud in Pakistan’s 2013 general elections, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) held its Sargodha Jalsa today. Like all previous rallies, a large number of people were present to welcome their leader in Sargodha.

Yesterday, PTI backed independent candidate Amir Dogar defeated Javed Hashmi by a thumping majority, the talk of which echoed throughout the rally today. Shah Mehmood said PTI’s Multan victory was a game changer in political terminology.

He said that Pakistanis were no longer ready to accept the politics of “Muk Muka”. He said PTI’s message of change has reached every corner of Pakistan. “In Multan, Imran Khan took two wickets (of PMLN and PPP) with a single delivery”, said Shah Mehmood.

PTI’s vice chairman said that PTI’s next destination was Larkana, Sindh on 21th November.

Sheikh Rasheed also addressed the rally and said that Azadi March would continue till Nawaz Sharif’s resignation. He claimed that Imran Khan was going to call a country wide Wheel Jam Strike after Muharram.

Imran Khan, while addressing Sargodha Jalsa said that his electricity connection had been disconnected for not paying Rs: 30,000, however, there was no action taken against Nawaz Sharif’s Iffetaq Foundries for not paying Rs: 50 million.

“Had I been a Prime Minister, they would never disconnection my connection”, said Imran while lamenting the VIP system of Pakistan.

Imran Khan said Nawaz government had increased power tariff upto 80 percent. “How could a daily wager pay his bills with such a sky high prices”, he said.

He said that it was not everyday that God gives a nation an opportunity to change their destiny. “Pakistani nation has a golden opportunity to change their destiny and reject the system of status quo”, said Khan.

Learning from Multan incident, Sargodha Jalsa was managed in a more efficient way. Only 25 passes had been issued to people who were allowed to get on main stage. Imran Khan appreciated managers of Sargodha Jalsa for their efforts.

“It doesn’t even look like the stage of a typical PTI rally”, said  Imran Khan.

In the end, Imran Khan once again, promised the people of Pakistan that upon coming into power, PTI will ensure justice in the country. “All powerful and weak will be equal before law”, said a determined Imran Khan.



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