PTCL and DJuice witty jibes at each other on twitter

Amid the frustrating situation when the internet in Pakistan was down due to undersea cable damage, DJuice and PTCL had an interesting exchange on twitter. Since mainly PTCL was affected by the cable damage, DJuice, a mobile phone plan from Telenor, jibed at PTCL and asked it to subscribe to its 1500mb plan to get connected to the internet and live stream its cable repair process to its customers.

Interestingly PTCl official handle replied to the DJuice tweet saying, “Thank you for the offer but we like sticking with the packages that don’t run out. #Unlimited”

This started a back and forth process of witty replies to each other by both DJuice and PTCL. 

PTCL’s main focus was their unlimited plans while DJuice believed it was more important to remain connected than having an unlimited but temperamental internet plan.

Twitteratis thoroughly enjoyed the interesting jibes of both PTCL and DJuice. Most importantly, the encounter remained witty and civil. Both deserve applause.

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