Priorities: Money or Inner Satisfaction?

Working people spend a substantial amount of their life at workplace, and for that reason many firmly believe that job satisfaction has to be an essential part of their professional life. There could be numerous factors that can affect job satisfaction, however, the most important ones are salary and being able to stay close to friends and family. Personally, I prefer staying close to my friends and family while doing my job despite being less paid. There are many reasons for it.

First, because money cannot buy all the happiness that one wants in life. Mostly people who work day and night to earn more, leave their family, friends, and peace of mind to have a good future. They can earn more money but happiness will be miles away from them.

However, a person can be satisfied in less amount of money. He can be happiest among all by experiencing those tiny moments together with his family, enjoying and cherishing the presence and security being with them. For example, one of my friends got married, he was living a very peaceful married life. He got a chance to have a job that required him to go to far off places in relation to their project.

He got what he wanted all his life. He decided to move on, leaving his family behind because that job offered him an attractive salary package. He signed a contract which stopped him from going back to his home for two years straight. Occasions came and went by. He always used to manage all of his problems alone. He worked day and night to reach up to the level his company demanded from him.

A phone call was enough to keep in contact with his family and friends. He fought all his sickness, loneliness, happy moments, depressed times all alone and lived a life away from his family. While living with his family he had a job that paid him less than his desire . The salary was unable to fulfill his wishes, it could only fulfill his needs.

As we look up to the given example, the moments where that person needed his family to support him, encourage him to move on, to never lose hope and keep going, he was alone, away from all the occasions and ceremonies his family and friends had. Once sickness hit him so hard that he was unable to even move, but his loneliness made him suffer it all alone. It is because, satisfaction and peace lies in being with our families.

In conclusion, we can say that a person has no idea how long he is going to live but he wants to settle it all as if he is going to live forever. One should try to seek happiness and satisfaction within his family and friends, instead of going away from them to earn more money. Money can not give us peace and satisfaction.

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