Pakistani Actors in Bollywood: what should they always keep in mind?

India has one of the huge filmmaking industries all over the world, known as Bollywood. India released its first movie, “Raja Harischandra”, 100 years ago on May 3, 1913.

Bollywood has a huge fan following in Pakistan as well. Every year many Bollywood movies are released in Pakistan, and thousands of people readily go to cinemas to watch them.

The fan following and the fame has naturally acted as huge motivation for Pakistani actors to go across the border and play a part in the Indian films. We have been seeing many Pakistani artists performing in Indian movies for years. Among them, some get fame while others infamy.

FawadKhan and Noonam KapoorThere are several reasons why some get fame and others infamy. For example, if we talk about the recent entries of Pakistani actors in Indian film Industry, i.e. Fawad Khan and Humaima Malick. We all know that Fawad Khan played a very decent role in the movie. He was a Prince, and he acted well. Which doubled his fame and he sort of became a real-life Prince.

On the other hand, Humaima Malick played the role of a dancer. The movie portrayed her in a very wrong way. Though she is a good actor, the role and movie she chose did not go well with her image. Most Pakistanis thought that she was given this role in the film to defame Pakistani women, just like Meera and certain other actresses.

Raja Natwarlal-Humaima-Malick

Pakistanis do not like their actors showing off their bodies especially in the Indian movies. The role that she played resulted in her infamy. People did think she was a good artist before she worked in the Bollywood, but no one thinks that way about her now. She has lost her charm due to not being much careful in choosing a decent role for herself.

Now people have higher hopes from Mahira Khan who is starring opposite to Sharukh Khan in movie, Raees. The little we know about her role tells us that she has indeed chosen a better role and given the talent that she has, we can be sure she will do justice with her role.

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