Naz Baloch leaves PTI to join PPP

Naz Baloch explains why she left PTI to join PPP.

Naz Baloch, famous PTI worker from Karachi, has left the party amid various complaints and joined PPP. She was affiliated with PTI for the last seven years and was considered one of the staunch supporters of the party.

She announced her formal joining of PPP at a press conference in Karachi where she was accompanied by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and Faryal Talpur,

Ms. Naz Baloch said she considered PTI a symbol of change but with the passage of time the party itself changed for the worst. She said opportunists from various parties were welcomed in the party and long time workers of the party were ignored.

She complained that PTI Chief Imran Khan is kept aloof from the woes of party workers whenever he visits Karachi. “I complained time and again that the party was not concentrating much on Karachi and was losing its supporters day by day but nothing happened”, explained Ms. Baloch.

She however said that she did not have any ill will against Imran Khan and continued to respect him. “It is only party policies and its direction that I am against and is the main reason of my decision to quit the party”, she further said.

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