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Mother kills her son to protect daughter-in-law

A 45-year-old woman from Mankhurd, Mumbai, strangled her own son to death on Tuesday evening to protect her daughter-in-law from his violence. Nadeem Naim, her 25-year-old son, was a drug-addict and routinely used to subject his wife to domestic violence. The mother, named Anwari idrisi, was arrested the next morning for the murder of her son.

Nadeem married a woman from Allahabad two years ago who at the time did not know about his addiction. Soon after their marriage, he started subjecting her to severe domestic violence.  Five months ago, she left his place after being fed up of his daily violent behavior and drug abuse.

Nadeem’s mother reportedly did not want her to leave so she brought her back promising her that she wouldn’t let her son do drugs or beat her again and that she will save her if it happened again. Eventually the wife gave in to her mother-in-law’s requests and came back to Mankhurd.

On Tuesday night Nadeem came home under the influence of drugs. Realizing that he will get violent Anwari sent her whole family to spend the night at neighbors which infuriated Nadeem even further and he started beating Anwari.

When he got tired of beating her, Anwari pushed him towards the steel ladder and strangled him to death with her dupatta.

Anwari spent the whole night crying beside his body and confessed to his wife about the murder when she came back home in the morning at five, reported the police of Mankhurd.

She confessed to the police that she killed her son because he was going to harm her daughter-in-law again. Anwari was immediately arrested and booked under section 302 of the Indian penal code.

The event bears an uncanny resemblance to the Bollywood cult movie “Mother India” in which the main protagonist, Radha, also kills her son, Birju, over a girl.

Domestic violence is a common problem in Pakistan and India and also the reason of destruction of many homes and mothers like Anwari idrisi.

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