More hurricanes: is America under attack of nature?

Hurricanes, tornadoes and the United States of America have a long history. Hurricane Katrina and hurricane Wilma made quite a show of their damages. Tornadoes are a usual scene in most of the country side of the continent. Nature hasn’t really been nice to the super power. It doesn’t end here.

The follow up hurricanes after Katrina and Wilma are its example. First came hurricane Harvey on Texas. It was a major hurricane after hurricane Wilma which caused landfall in the United States. With 40 inches of rain in eastern Texas, Harvey is known to have ended a record 12 year drought and the heaviest downpour in the history of United States.

Thousands of homes were destroyed and more than 30,000 people were displaced. The hurricane has reportedly sunk earth’s crust by 2 cm.

Explosions were reported in 2 chemical plants in the north east of Houston leaving many hospitalized due to coming in contact with dangerous chemicals. A total of 71 people were reportedly killed in this hurricane followed around $200 billion economic losses, most of which were sustained by uninsured homeowners.

The hurricane Harvey started on August 17 and continued its streak of havoc and destruction till 2nd September. Windward Islands, Suriname, Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Yucatán Peninsula, Texas, Louisiana were all badly affected by the hurricane. But this does not end here.

Harvey is closely followed by hurricane Irma. This hurricane took over the Caribbean Island leaving nothing but destruction behind. The storm took speed on Wednesday destroying several small islands and went straight towards Florida. Irma with its 185 mph wind speed completely mowed the island of Barbuda.

A professional teenage surfer was reported dead while trying to catch waves near the island of Barbuda. The houses were completely eradicated and hotels were flooded with rain water. The hurricane followed up towards Netherlands, France completely destroying St. Martin. Not a single building could withstand the strong wind of hurricane Irma.

Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba are on high alert and thousands of people have evacuated the area while hurricane Irma makes its way towards Florida. Officials in Puerto Rico warned its people of the coming hurricane the announcement ended on “may god help us all.”

And that’s not even the worst part. While half of America is recovering from Harvey and Irma, two more hurricanes are feared to follow up. Hurricane Jose and Katia. While the category “4” storm Irma is making its way towards Florida, hurricane Jose is taking a dangerous shape in the Atlantic and preparing to hit areas already destroyed by Irma. Hurricane Katia on the other hand, is expected to strike Mexico and areas around it.

On Friday, hurricane Jose was reportedly turning to become a category “3” storm located 535 miles east of Antilles islands having a speed of 125 mph. Katia was located 170 miles southeast of Tampico, Mexico and is stationery at the moment, but is expected to come into action by next week.

While all of this is up and one storm is closely followed up by another, could this be a way of mother nature to make President Trump into taking global warming more seriously?

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