Mehroz has got killer dance moves but this Baba Ji kicks things up a notch

When Mehroz Baig’s friends dared him to dance on Laung Laachi right in the middle of Karachi’s Dolmen Mall, what did he do? He brought the most jaw dropping moves to the floor. Everyone in the mall had their eyes glued on Mehroz and the seamless way he went from one move to another.

However, while every was busy watching Mehroz kill it with his moves, a Baba Ji near by made a sudden entry to the stage. He just could not hold it anymore. He couldn’t resist not dancing anymore.

He came dancing towards Mehroz and it was the most interesting thing to watch. Baba Ji wonderfully supported Mehroz in his healthy and entertaining endeavor and gave him company on the dance floor.

The video has gone viral and has attracted more than 3.5 million views. Everyone appreciated Mehroz for his wonderful dance moves and for producing such an entertaining video.

The comments on the video are also quite interesting.

However, in case you are wondering, NO Mehroz isn’t just a common guy who went to a Mall and danced it off in front of everyone. He is a dancer and has appeared on TV programs on various national channels.  He loves to dance.

When he’s not dancing, the 20-year-old goes to Iqra University in Karachi and focuses on his Media Sciences degree.


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