Kepler 452B: The Newly Discovered Earth-Like Planet might Sustain Life

Kepler 452 new planet discovered

NASA announced that the Kepler spacecraft has discovered a planet having similarities to earth.

Scientists confirmed that the newly discovered planet is having a lot of similarities to earth especially in terms of size, just a little bigger than earth, while in terms of mass, it is five times heavier than the earth.

The new planet has been named Kepler-452b. It revolves around its sun every 385 days. Its parent star is known as Kepler-452, which is older and much hotter than our sun.

The atmosphere of Kepler-452b is quite thick and it could be having a rocky surface.

Scientists confirmed that there is a possibility that water could be present on the planet.

By looking at all the factors, it can be said that Kepler-452b has the possibility to sustain life.

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