Here’s What You Can’t Do After Eating

Healthy eating takes a huge part of our lives, but some of our habits can disrupt our weight loss plans. Here is a list of activities you cannot do after eating:

Here's What You Can Do After Eating

  1. It is not recommended to unbutton your jeans or loosening your belt. It can block your digestion, deforming it or twisting your guts.
  2. In no case should you drink lots of tea after eating. It leads to hardening of iron and protein, as it contains lots of tannin. As a result, the digestion and splitting of many microelements take place, both of which upset your digestive tract and put lots of stress on the liver.
  3. Don’t smoke tobacco. According to scientists, the harm from smoking after eating is increased by about 10 times. It’s not recommended to smoke 25-30 minutes after eating.
  4. Don’t eat lots of fruits for desert. Why is that, you may ask? Well, nutrition experts agree that fruits promote unrest in the body and make your body unable to digest other foods in the digestive tract.
  5. No physical activity. After consuming food, only your stomach must be working, otherwise the digestion of vitamins and microelements won’t be complete.
  6. Don’t do hydrotherapeutic procedure. In other words: don’t take a shower. When showering, a certain degree of stress it put on the body, which affects the blood pressure and the stomach experiences blood starvation. That, in turn, doesn’t allow your body to properly digest food.
  7. Don’t go to sleep. When sleeping, the stomach stops the process of digestion, which results in decay of the food there, and various microbes and bacteria grow.

So after food, it’s best to read an interesting book or journal, browse through your Twitter / Facebook feed or just have a conversation with your friends, family, relatives or loved one.

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