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Edhi Baba: The Hero

Every country has their own heroes. For some, it is in the shape of a Spiderman while others drool over Batman. These heroes with their superpower go beyond their limit to save humanity from all kinds of villainish atrocities and to keep everyone safe and sound in the world. However, these are all imaginary characters, we Pakistani have our own heroes that we need to celebrate.

Maria Riaz Touseef came up with a brilliant idea to make a small story book for children about Abdul Sattar Edhi, better known as Edhi Baba. As we all know Edhi Baba was no less than a super hero of our own with the super power of kindness and generosity.

The book focuses on Edhi’s life and work which teaches us a lesson how you don’t actually need money to help anyone but a big heart and determination. The book encourages youngsters and children to spend more time doing volunteer work and helping others. It instills a sense of social responsibility in the youth and urges parents to teach their children to be generous and understanding of each other.

The book has beautiful colorful feel in addition to giving out the message of love. Edhi’s mother would always tell him to share everything with the needy. This advice really stuck with him and he went beyond everyone’s imagination to help save not just the needy children but also the neglected elderly. Edhi old house is a safe haven for those that couldn’t find a home anywhere or were rejected by the world.

Edhi sahib died recently but his legendary story will be told for centuries to every Pakistani child and Maria Riaz has stepped forward to put it in to a hard copy so that everyone can get the message of Edhi Sahib. Although the book is for children, according to the author, the book is for everyone who wants to know more about Abdul Sattar Edhi and learn new things.

The author of the book also stated that as Edhi Foundation is struggling with funding ever since Edhi Sahib passed away. Half of the profit of the book will be donated to Edhi Foundation thus even buying the book is no less than helping a child feel safe.

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