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Depression: how to effectively treat it without medication

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Depression is an enemy that kills you from the inside; you feel dead, nothing interests you, and you just want to stay alone away from all your friends and family. All in all, this ruthless enemy isolates you from the world and then there comes a time when you think, “well, what’s the point of this life?”

Hold it right there. That is the exact pattern of depression. Its goal is to lead you towards that question and make you take a stupid decision at a time when you are in no position to take any decisions.

No matter how depressed you are, no matter how pointless everything might seem, you were simply not born to die a depressed soul. There is more to life than staying depressed and feeling dead.

Say it out loud

Like most of the people suffering from depression, you might be keeping your condition hidden from your friends and family. There are various reasons why you don’t seek their help.

First, you might feel ashamed of telling people about your debilitating situation because you believe they might think you’re weak. You should remember that bravery has nothing to do with not being afraid.

Bravery is acknowledging the existence of your enemy, and fighting it with all you have got. Acceptance doesn’t show you as a weak person, hiding it and giving up on it, does show weakness.

Secondly, you might not share your feelings with your family because you think why should you disrupt their happy life by telling them about how lifeless you feel. This is where you are wrong. You do need the support of your family and friends, especially your family. There is no shame in seeking their help.

By telling them how you feel, two wonderful things will happen: first, you’ll feel good just by telling them how you feel as it will reassure your mind that that you are not alone anymore; second, your family will help you fight your depression and it’s better to fight this battle together with your friends and family than all alone.

Change your lifestyle

Depression usually strikes when you are bored, have a monotonous routine, or when you spend most of your time alone with not much to do. (indeed there could be many other reasons)

What you have to do is completely change your lifestyle. If you weren’t wearing shorts, wear shorts from now on. If you mostly wore black color, wear white from now on. The change should start from what you wear. Start wearing different colors. Have a hair-cut; try a different style.

The point is that you should start doing whatever ever you were not doing before; do something different, and break the monotony.

Sleep early, wake up early, exercise

Depression comes from the dark world. It feeds on darkness. That is why one feels more depressed at night. If you’re suffering from depression, you should try to sleep as early as possible.

Many people with depression have a routine of staying up all night and sleeping during the day. The problem with this routine is that most of your time is spent in darkness which exacerbates your condition.

Sleep early and wake up as early as possible. Go for a morning walk to a near by park. Exercise!

Exercise not only keeps you healthy physically but it helps balance homeostasis of your internal body. Keeping this routine will definitely help you control your depressive thoughts.

No medication

The best way to effectively treat depression is to resist taking any medication. While I am not underscoring the effectiveness of medications, the problem with taking them is that there is a chance you might get addicted to them.

Even a more bigger problem with medication is that you always feel like it’s not you who defeated depression but the pills did it. Once depression is defeated without the help of any drugs, you’ll feel in control of your depression.

Find a purpose

Look around you, there are hundreds of reasons to stay alive and work for than keeping yourself consumed with those negative thoughts. You have to find a purpose; anything that you’ll enjoy doing.

Help feed a hungry homeless person, help animals, help environment. Become selfless. There are hundreds of better things you can do than to die from depression.

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