Anthony Joshua’s funny banter on Amir Khan and Faryal feud: Says “It wasn’t me”

Amir Khan accused his wife Faryal of cheating on him with Anthony Joshua.

British-Pakistani Boxer Amir Khan took to twitter today and announced his separation from his wife Faryal Makhdoom, which was followed by an embarrassing public fight. Amir accused Faryal of cheating on him with another boxer, Anthony Joshua.

Joshua however had a very funny reaction to this drama. He tweeted a video clip of Shaggy’s famous song, “it wasn’t me”. The tweet had attracted 86K likes as of this writing.

He then followed up with another tweet saying he hoped the two resolved their differences, or maybe Amir’s account had been hacked since he had never met her [Faryal]. He further joked that he was only into BBW, an acronym for big black women, and added a hashtag #ItWasntMe.

Amir and Faryal got married in a lavish ceremony in New York in 2013 and have been in the spotlight since day one. Amir has been accused of cheating on his wife many times before this split.

Today’s drama however started when Amir took his rant to twitter by announcing his split from his wife and accused her of cheating on him and calling her a gold-digger.

Real feud started when Faryal Makhdoom started replying, accusing him of being an adulterer, having a failed career, and his family for robbing him of his money. She also tweeted about him being with a prostitute in Dubai presently.

While both are firing shots on each other accusing each other of infidelity there is a twist. a tweet by Faryal says “sometimes people don’t like it when you give them a taste of their own medicines” the statements sounds very fishy because if she is trying to teach him a lesson its definitely by cheating on him as he was accused, in fact, caught cheating many times.

Faryal Makhdoom, 26, recently had a feud with his family accusing them of mistreating her and not giving her enough respect, a matter which was settled down later on.

The family have also confirmed the split calling it “over” and also echoed Amir’s words by calling her a “gold-digger”. Makhdoom lashed out at being called a gold-digger saying she had been paying her own and her daughter’s bills and she almost felt like being a single mother already.

Faryal also tweeted about being the only one who’ve given this marriage her 100% while Amir clearly hadn’t. Called him a bad role model, someone who is always around women and alcohol. She apologized to her fans in the end for the tweets and have now deleted them from her account.

The split is all over twitter and while all of this is going on, many people are making fun of them posting various memes.

Many people have also pointed out at the immature way both of them have handled their personal affair, which is tantamount to making a joke out of themselves.


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