3 Myths about Healthy Lifestyle DEBUNKED

Nowadays, it’s popular to advertise a healthy lifestyle. But not all of the rules of a healthy lifestyle give results, because some of them are wrong. Here are 3 myths about healthy lifestyle you need to know about!

3 Myths about Healthy Lifestyle DEBUNKED

Drinking freshly-squeezed juices is healthy

This misconception is widespread quite broadly. People believe that fresh juices is a true source of health and drink it for breakfast as well as use it as snacks. In reality, that’s not true. Juice is a concentrated substance and it contains many fruit acids, which make the stomach feel upset. For example, if you’re drinking apple juice, there will be about 3-4 big apples in the glass. It’s unlikely that you’d eat them not in the form of juice. Besides, juice is deprived of fiber, which is contained in whole fruits.

So eat fruits instead of drinking freshly-squeezed juices.

Eating egg yolks is unhealthy

It is believed that cholesterol contained in egg yolks can raise the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Today, scientists have found that this is a myth. Cholesterol contained in foods cannot affect cholesterol in the blood.

So the rule of eating no more than 3 egg yolks per day cannot be applied to the modern healthy lifestyle.

You cannot eat after 8pm

Some people are confident that eating after 8pm will result in excess weight. And many people still stick to this rule. But that’s just a myth.

The main rule of having a beautiful and slim body is a fast metabolism, which requires food in order to not slow down. And a break in food consumption of over 12 hours is no good: not for the body, nor for the health. Keep in mind that your last meal should be 3 hours before heading to sleep.

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