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Zulfi Bukhari lashes out at Talat Hussain

File photo of Zulfi Bukhari.

Zulfi Bukhari lashed out at Talat Hussain, famous anchor who hosts Naya Pakistan program on Geo News, after the later alleged him of going for Umra only to circumvent ECL ban and dodge various NAB notices against him in relation to his offshore companies.

Talat Hussain severely criticized how the rules were bent to allow Mr. Bukhari a one-time exemption from exit control list by Secretary Interior.

In response, Zulfi Bukhari took to twitter and strongly criticized Talat Hussain for defending Nawaz Sharif, who he described as, “the biggest money launderer of Pakistan.”

In relation to NAB notices, Mr. Bukhari asked Talat how could a British citizen who regularly pays his taxes, has never held a public office or done a rupee worth business in Pakistan, be answerable to NAB?

Zulfi Bukhari whose real name is Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari, is a close aide and friend of PTI Chief Imran Khan. His name has been linked to six offshore companies through various stashes of documents leaked on ICIJ.

The six offshore companies owned by Mr. Bukhari are Abbas Investments Limited, Abbas Financial Holdings Limited, Malek El-Sayed Law and Consultation Inc, Abbas Investments Ltd, Abbas Ltd, and Al Bukhari Global Equity Fund.

Mr. Bukhari has accepted ownership of these companies. He maintains that it is a common practice for businessmen to establish companies in various jurisdictions.

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