To save Economy Trump repeals Women Protection Order

Trump’s new executive order last week has seriously hurt working women all around America. Revoking the Fair Pay order would now increase possibilities of injustice and sexual harassment with females in workplaces, say experts.

The women protection order was originally introduced by former President Barrack Obama in 2014 to ensure paycheck transparency and to encourage women to speak up against sexual harassment at workplace.

The law was passed after discovering that a couple of companies received incredible funding from Federal Government despite labor and civil rights law violations.

President Trump’s new order to quash this law comes at a time when US marks Equal Pay Day, to highligh disparity between men and women wages.

Women on social media have expressed their grief calling it unfair. Here are few of the comments we got from a Facebook women group ”Miss Representation”,

Yarilis Cordero Espinosa This is so backwards. It’s not even surprising anymore. I am not expecting anything good to come out of him for the people. It’s becoming everyday news how backwards we are headed as a society. I will not accept anything less for women in our country and will keep fighting for our Goddamn Given Right. Stay strong sisters!
Barbara Quinn Phillipsapparently he is against everyone and congress sits back and lets him do it anyway
Patricia Cronin  This president is setting us back 100 years.
Debbie Adlof  Women have again had rights taken away yet again just because they are women. How long will we let this continue?
Carla Hochschild  You ever see the way his wife looks at him? Not with anything remotely resembling affection. The man literally thinks of women as objects to be bought and sold.
Suzie Sanchez Coleman  This guy is tone deaf… Did he not watch TV the day of the Women’s March on Washington?? You do not mess with determined women…
Renee Peters And this coming in April, you know sexual harassment awareness month.
Erin Bortel  We can’t just sit and accept his behaviors/decisions for the next 4 years!
Debbie West I wonder what his wife and daughters think of this???
Susan Nowak It just keeps getting worse!
Catherine Mcclain I am pi***d off and feel helpless??
Patricia Cronin This president is setting us back 100 years.
Barbara Quinn Phillips apparently this man is against everyone and congress sits back and lets him do it anyway.
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