Three Words Madness

Three Words Madness

The world is a lunatic asylum and we are all psychopaths.

When I was in 10th grade I was introduced to this madness. At first I thought there was something wrong with me. All the girls in my class used to talk about boys and getting into relationships and getting married and yes as one would expect, falling in this strange thing they called “LOVE”.

As the years went by and I entered the wild age of my high school, falling in love was a common thing. A girl and a guy would look at each other, melodies would play on violins and cellos in the background and they would start singing the same lyrics together and end up dancing together and poof ! they would fall instantly in love. Or at least, that’s how Disney explained it to us.

As I mentioned earlier that I used to think there was something wrong with me because all the fuzz of “Love” and “Marriage” did not hold much curiosity for me, but in my high school days my best friend made it her goal to explain to me how ugly and unwanted I was. I used to be a Tom Boy and all I used to be curious about was racing cars, flying airplanes and how to play football better than my brothers.

My best friend was a beautiful girl and her favorites included talking about how much desirable and attractive she was. She used to tell me stories as to how people could not take their eyes off her when she went to the market or the public park. She used to mock me and say “Oh, dear! You’re cute but you look too ‘Boyish’. And boys don’t like such type of girls.”

When we were in the 11th grade together and two guys had already approached her for friendship and had fought with each other like hungry lions just to win her smiles. I felt awkward on seeing such behavior and got really curious because nothing like that had ever happened with me. I asked her why and she got the golden chance to brainwash me about changing my tom-boyish looks and turning in to what she used to say “a lady”.

She would teach me how to be a lady. How to walk and sit and stand like a princess and how to act and behave like a princess and in the very end she explained how I was a great student but I had a weakness and that was I was not pretty like she was.

In our 12th grade it became very clear to me as all the ‘cool guys’ of our school were after my best friend and they would say it to my face that you are an ugly piece of scrap metal and your ‘bestie’ is the epitome of perfection.

I became depressed and highly sensitive and started question God in prayers that why did he make me ugly. Why would no one come after me like they did with my best friend? What was wrong with my appearance that did not appeal to them? She had succeeded in making me a psychopath like most of other teenagers and now she started to tell me the story of Princess Fiona and Shrek and convinced me that the ugliest guy in my class could be the best prince for me and hence, I fell in to my first mistake which was falling in love with Mr. Shrek.

Unfortunately the beauty which was I did not succeed in to turning the beast into a beautiful prince and I was humiliated when my best friend told me that Mr. Shrek too was a victim of her love and so I had no choice but to die young and alone.

Loneliness is a scary thing. It frustrates you and kills you from inside out. The high school days however, passed and I very much fully believed that “Love” was not my cup of tea, “Life” was not a Disney movie and I was no princess.

When I entered the college world, I found out how silly my past life had been. I started reading some good literature and fiction which explained to me what the reality was. I explored my religion as well and things became quite clear to me, dealing with my life and exposure around. The reality became evident. Real life is not a Disney Movie where Prince Charming will come to save his beloved princess from her step mom, or fight with a monster who had imprisoned the princess in a castle. Ha! It may sound

Ha! It may sound funny, but it’s a truth. The real life is not a fantasy, folks. People die here and real love is almost non-existent. If that love exists and is real, then it should be like old Shakespeare’s tales or like our folk story of ‘Heer & Ranja’.

Sadly, today all of us are living in the world of illusions and deceive ourselves. We tell our children the tales of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and we never show them the realities of the world. I’m not saying that watching Disney Movies and reading classic stories is a bad thing. All I want to say is that we are unconsciously creating a world of pretend, fiction and fantasy for our younger ones which will later result into the severe damage of their precious innocent hearts.

The world of fantasy will make us bear the harsh consequence of having a severe impact on the minds of our children and their worldly dealings.

So, let us not get into this mental phenomena. Let’s save the precious little hearts of our youngsters from the three words madness of “I LOVE YOU”. Let us teach them the real meaning of “Love”. Why not replace the tales of Fantasy with the stories of our elders and ancestors? Why not show them how to love humanity and Mankind?

Let us tell our children the tales which matter in real life. Those which can be implemented in their real lives in the days to come. Show them how to spread peace and harmony. Teach them how to help others, how to be a better person and let us stop breaking their hearts by making them believe in things that are imaginary, unreal and worthless.

Let’s save our children. Let’s make them real Princes and Princesses of the world. 🙂

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