The struggles of not having a sister

“This is my sister’s dress; we both have the same size”, “My hair? Oh my sister made that. She knows different hairstyles”, “I can’t wait to tell the whole incident to my sister”, “I’ll just tell it to my sister, she’ll understand.”

Ever came across some of these sentences in your life? I don’t mean to make you people jealous because I am one of those jealous people who get to hear these lines. Girls who have sisters may not understand how a sister-less person feels but this section right here is for the girls who nobody gets just like me.

Other than not having a person to always talk to about your feelings, not having a sister means you also don’t have your personal fashion guru, your photographer, your best adviser, your travel buddy and so much more.

I am sure all the girls with sisters reading this would be rolling their eyes right now and thinking that’s not how it goes, sisters fight a lot. But trust me; I know you guys are right but so am I. So keep on reading.

There have been many times I might have wished I had a sister. Sometimes this need exceeds and sometimes it completely disappears. However, the reason I finally decided to write this article was during my university’s sports week and annual dinner. Oh the struggles of being sister-less were countless, and I realized it during that week.

Before the annual dinner, all my friends were discussing their dresses, makeup, hairstyles, while I had no clue about anything. The sole reason was that I knew no hairstyles or makeup as I never had anyone to practice on. So I asked one of my other friends to get me ready for the dinner but she said she couldn’t as she had exams going on. That was the day, after so many years again, that I felt the need of a sister in my life.

During that week, nobody helped me with my hair, nobody suggested me what to wear, and nobody reminded me that you forgot that particular jewellery you loved so much. And most importantly, when I used to come home tired, my room was still a mess, nobody had picked up the stuff I scattered while getting ready. A sister might have.

Then there are some khandaan walay that give you such remarks like ‘don’t you feel the need for a sister’, ‘oh poor you, if only you had a sister’, ‘what do you do all day since you don’t even have anyone to talk to.’ Oh man! Thinking of a good answer to give to these people is the real struggle.

Being the only girl in the house sucks, because everyone is always depending on you for the kitchen stuff. You are the one who is supposed to set the table for lunch and dinner etc. And other than that, you are always getting ‘tanay’ that when will you learn to cook and all.

Then there are times when we have to go to some boring family friends place and I be there sitting alone quietly (because taking out your phone in front of elders is bad manners :p) I could have talked to my sister at that time but oh well.

Ok enough of the struggle talks already. Let me tell you, not having a sister also has its advantages. Like getting everything for yourself and not having to share it; be it your room or your stuff. You also don’t get into fights or mood swings with anyone. Besides, by now, I have learned some of the stuff that I thought I would never learn just because I didn’t have a sister (like I made my hairstyle for the first time and it turned out perfect)

So to all the people reading this, thank God if you have a sister by your side, your constant support system (I would suggest, go and hug her right now and tell her how amazing she is) And those who don’t, you will get used to it soon enough. You too should be thanking God for your blessings.

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