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Television: Best Friend or Worst Enemy of Your Kids?

TV Effects

Most of the people including kids love to watch television. Even if they are asked to quit watching it, they will still watch it.  Some parents think of it as a useful device for their kids. In fact, they use it as an alternate when they are busy somewhere else. They bring educational DVDs so that their children could learn something positive while they are not present.

However, they forget the fact that a TV, merely, cannot fulfill the purposes of education their children need. By dragging their kids into digital life they forget about the ethics and practical education that their kids need in the early age of their lives.

Despite of the fact that children need guidance in the early stages of their childhood, they make toddlers watch different TV shows including cartoons, learning shows while parents are busy in their own issues. They somehow think a TV can replace them.

Now the question arises whether TV is good or bad for kids?

No wonder TV is a good source of learning for kids during the age of 6-15 but it also needs parental guidance (PG) so that children can really learn what was intended and do not get distracted.

I personally believe, during the age 4-15 years kids get to learn new things and try to mimic everything they like or watch. So it is parents’ duty to keep an eye on their children’s activities and monitor which programs they watch.

There are some programs which are especially developed for kids. It is proven that the kids who watch educational and informative TV shows, perform better academically than those who do not watch them. These programs set children to a new way of learning things and at the same time keep the fun factor intact so that they enjoy the programs while watching.

Normally, kids have their own way of handling things. Though they could not practically learn a thing while watching it, but they get to know how to do it.

According to another study done by scientists, it was proven that watching cartoons help children in relieving stress. Hence, some preschoolers who actively watch TV programs get good grades and are less aggressive as compared to other kids.

However, watching excessive TV is harmful for the kids. Kinds in early age need to learn different languages and socialize with their peers to develop a balanced personality. However, watching excessive TV would not give them enough time to participate in any such activities. Not only that, it is harmful for their health and eyesight as children like to concentrate on their favorite characters and that’s why they try to get as near to their TV screens as they can.

toddler watching tv

Not only do they concentrate on their favorite characters, they adopt their habits. Now, a good program can lead such children’s mind to develop good routine whereas some animated, action and deceptive programs can spoil their minds. Children always try to skip their lunch and sleep, thinking that they will miss a special scene if they leave.

They try to follow their favorite characters who claim to “Save the World” by different abilities and powers they have.

As an example, I want to mention an incident that we heard few days ago. A 7-year-old kid got injured while jumping off of a high cabinet at kitchen thinking he will be invisible by imaginary wings or he would throw a net like Spider-Man did in his movie.

kids jumping

Children get involved in the activities of bullying other kids, they fight with the kids of their age or below to show that they have power to beat anyone. Moreover, the fact cannot be denied that they develop sexual interests before they come of age and oftentimes get into fights to impress girls as they see in different movies or cartoons. This is not only done by kids but some teenagers as well.

Additionally, watching excessive TV prevents kids as well as grownups from participating in different sports activities, music events, gatherings and art shows that develop a skill for their future.

According to a documentary, kids of age 2-5 spend 32 hours and kids of age 6-11 spend 28 hours a week in front of TV. Those who have TV in their bedrooms, spend 1.5 more hours per day than those who don’t. Most importantly, there are no rules in some families on watching TV.

I believe, parents should keep an eye on their children while they watch TV, as some cartoon programs as well as movies can lead them to unethical activities particularly those which involve sexual harassment.

In conclusion, I want to state that watching TV is helpful for growing kids but it can play the negative role of spoiling them. Parental guidance is a must for every kid who does not know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. There should also be a timetable for children which should include a specific time for watching TV and other activities. Following these guidelines, kids can live a peaceful and happy life and do not get distracted.

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