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Reham Khan’s Book Leaked? Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Startling Revelations

File photo of Reham Khan, ex wife of PTI Chief Imran Khan.

It looks like Reham Khan’s book, or at least some excerpts of it, may have been leaked. It sure is the claim of Hamza Ali Abbasi who claims to have read the whole 600-plus-pages book.

According to Hamza, the book has direct libelous accusations against PTI Chief Imran Khan and due to this reason several well-known publishers refused to publish the book. “Many reputed publishers asked Reham Khan for proof regarding her libelous accusations but she couldn’t provide any and this is why they refused to publish the book”, Hamza said.

“This is the reason she [Reham Khan] is going to self publish the book”, he further explained.

Hamza claims that the first 250 pages of the book are about Reham Khan’s first husband, Dr. Ijaz Rehman, who she has portrayed as some psychotic person. “The next 300-plus pages of the book revolve around Imran Khan and how he is the worst of human being in the world”, said Hamza.

In the book, Reham has portrayed Imran Khan as someone who abhors Islam and an insecure person. She has also severely lambasted Jemima Goldsmith, the first wife of Imran Khan, as well has his sons. “She has berated Sulaiman [Imran’s elder son]”, said Hamza.

Not surprisingly, said Hamza, the book is all praises for Shehbaz Sharif and termed him an android, who works 24/7. She has also praised Nawaz Sharif and described how 2014 sit-in by PTI was an orchestrated move to topple an elected government with the help of “third umpire”.

Hamza also disclosed that not only Imran, she has severely bashed many party leaders of PTI, including Pervez Khattak. “She has also used such cheap words regarding me and Murad Saeed that I can’t narrate such words on national TV”, he said while replying to a question posed by Samaa TV anchor person.

“I thought her book will have indirect references towards Imran Khan, but she has directly accused of so many things that I couldn’t even believe it.

“Reading the book, you’ll feel like Imran Khan is the worst person of the world, and Reham Khan is the best version of any woman that you can find in this world”, further explained Hamza.

Reham Khan’s book is expected to be released two weeks before general elections in Pakistan.

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