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Tehreek-e-Insaf Tsunami has struck Mingora Swat

PTI Sunami Struck MingoraTehreek-e-Insaf held a public rally at Minogra, Swat today. PTI chairman Imran Khan addressed the people on this occasion in very optimistic way. Imran Khan said that it was a matter of few weeks that there would be PTI’s government in Swat and the whole of Pakistan. He repeated his famous six promises here and assured the people of Swat that the worst law and order situation in the area would be addressed once PTI comes into power. The pure justice system that prevailed before 1974 in Swat, would be brought back, he said further.

Furthermore, Imran Khan said that he had different dreams in his life that all came true. He said his biggest dream was that PTI had come to power and the people of Pakistan were celebrating as if a New Pakistan had come into existence.

A public rally at Mingora is something that sent a positive message to the people of the area and the whole of Pakistan. The people of this area have suffered alot due to the insurgency of Talibans who took complete control of the area in 2009. A fierce battle took place which cost many lives and millions of people became IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). Since that incident the people are living in an atmosphere of fear. Today’s public rally and the promises of Imran Khan were thus taken very well. The people of the area expect the next government to work on improving the law and order situation as a top priority.

Now who is going to be that next government? Analysts say that the real political battle in Swat would be between PTI and PMLN. Former PMLQ’s stalwart Ameer Muqaam has joined PMLN. He is going to be flexing his muscles against PTI. On the other hand, PTI’s bet is on the theory of change, and not much on winnable candidates. PTI has gained a lot of popularity in the area, and the common people mostly talk of favouring PTI. However, May 11, 2013, is going to be the day we will get to know that who would knock out who.



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